Z-Wave Plug Outlet Dual On/Off Switch Outlet(MP20Z)
  • Z-Wave Plug Outlet Dual On/Off Switch Outlet

    Z-Wave Plug Outlet Dual On/Off Switch Outlet, Built in Repeater, Work with Smart Things, Wink, Z-Wave hub Require, White (MP20Z)

Z-Wave Plug Outlet Dual On/Off Switch Outlet

  • Z-Wave Hub Required: This Z-Wave plug outlet smart outlet plug is compatible with Samsung Smart Things, the Wink Hub, and all certified Z-Wave controllers. This is compatible with Alexa Echo and Google Home. REQUIRES AN ALEXA SUPPORTED Z-Wave HUB for voice control with Echo Products. CANNOT connect directly with ECHO PLUS!
  • Wireless control: A large range of types of load are supported to be wirelessly controlled like lamps or small appliances from anywhere and any time by your mobile devices. Home automation is from a little Z-Wave Plug to control small appliances that you want.
  • Dual Z-Wave Outlets:Control your home applications with 2 individually outlets. You do not have to turn on/off 2 devices when you only want to turn one of them.
  • Timer schedule: Control lights and application to come on or turn off via a schedule at certain times of the day to reduce your electricity bill, set up custom scenes with other devices enrich intelligent life.
  • Easy to Setup – No wiring required. Simply plug in the device to a wall outlet and connect to your hub for convenient ON/OFF functions. Space-saving design leaves the top second outlet free for continued use. Z-Wave Frequency: 908.42MHz.

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2 * Smart Outlet

Plug-In On Off Switch–2 channel

There are 2 grounding sockets that can be individually controlled. Can you control the 2 sockets independently or together remotely? Suitable for home lighting and small appliances.

  • Z-Wave on/off control of 2 electrical devices separately.
  • Grounded 3-wire power connection for safety.
  • Built-in Z-Wave Plus signal repeater to extend network range.
  • S2 security and 500 Z-Wave chip for reliable wireless communication.
  • Z-Wave certificated hub/gateway required.

Work with

Provides 16A (1800W), 120 VAC grounding receptacles for using with wide varieties of lamps and samll appliances like portable fans, kitchen appliances and more.

Make Installation Easy

Take 0 minutes to install it. Just Plug in to your standard outlet and pair to your hub. Then you get control of you devices with a smartphone, tablet, PC or Z-Wave remote or control lighting on location with the manual push-button control.


Timer & Schedule

Automatic control your lights/appliances to make your life easier, save energy and cut costs. Like, set morning or night routing to help you control your lights.


Customize Scenes

customize scenes

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