Countdown Timer Switch, 5-10-30-60 Min, 2-4 Hour, Neutral Wire Required(MT10N)

Countdown Timer Switch 5-10-30-60 Min, 2-4 Hour Timer Switch for Bathroom Fans, Heaters, Lights, Neutral Wire Required(MT10N)

  • Timer Light Switch: Controls the ON/OFF operation of lights, fans, air conditioner, and heaters according to the countdown time set
  • Countdown Timer: Six preset countdown time options: 5, 10, 30 or 60 mins, 2 or 4 hrs; Bottom button for re-set. Replaces any standard wall switch, fits any standard decorator wall plate.
  • 2 Modes: Mode 1: Orange LED light flashes twice indicating setting success then stays off. Mode 2: LED stays on during the selected time delay then shuts off
  • Energy Efficient: Ideal energy-saving solution for the bedroom, exhaust fans, sprinkle system, garage, and laundry room applications. Conserve energy and only leave the motor on as needed.
  • Specifications: 120V, 1/2HP Motor, 15A Resistive, 1000W Tungsten, Electronic Ballast/LED 5A or 600W. NEUTRAL WIRE REQUIRED, 1-Year , ETL & FCC Listed

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Neutral Wire Required

Work with a regular 3-way switch(on-off switch)

Neutral wire is often white and capped together, tucked into a powerline socket without connecting to anything. Load wire may be a red or black wire connected to the old switch, bringing power to the switch.
Live wire is often black, sending power out to the light, could be easily found ban electric open.
Ground wire is always green or bare copper.

Update in Housing

Reduced the housing depth by up to 20%  to fix older-style switch boxes, multi-gang configurations or any other application with limited space.

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